Our History

Our Royal Mail Express was established in the year of 2002. At 41st Street Botahtaung Township our very first office was located and our Decade-Old mail busi- ness was born by providing services to those who wish to send their items and mail swiftly in a safe and sound manner. We process and deliver different kinds of business letters, invitation cards, Embassy hands-out, magazines, journals and many more. We were delighted to experience lucrative business even at the very beginning. We are even more happy to know that all our customers were delighted with our services.

In 2004 after two years of our opening we continue to expand our business and we opened our new office at No. 114, Level 2, 49th Street in Pazundaung Town- ship and we gave a new name yet retaining our origi- nal core value which become Royal Express Service. Since then on, our Royal Express Service has been providing exemplary customer services to our valued clients.

In Naypyidaw (Pyinmanar) City we opened our sec- ond branch office in the year of 2006. This office took care of courier services mostly for the Ministries and Governmental Departments and also for some pri- vate companies in Naypyidaw City. It was an imme- diate success! Consquentially in the year of 2009, we attained a register number for our business, R1267/2009-2010, as our dedicated service was well recognized, by one and by all!

In the year of 2013, we were honored with the ex- press mail service license which is called RSP (Reg- istered Service Provider) from Ministry of Myanmar Post and Telecom. For this RSP license our Myanmar MPT only issued 4 licenses to the private companies and we became one of the company who was rec- ognized for our consistent and high service quality standards.

Our clients range from Embassies, Government and Ministry offices, NGOs and Private Organizations and Companies and so on. We are now diligently carrying out our duties running 30 Branch Offices effectively in 21 Cities (February 2016), with well- trained and professional staffs comprising more than 150 plus staff strength. Lastly, we would like to let you know, that our network of courier service does NOT take any day off and we are proud to say that we are the only one who providing Send-It-Today Get-It-Tomor- row with 20 times money back guarantee services provided to our valuable customers. This is our Royal Express service commitment!