We offer and end-to-end service that reduces the risk and logistical challenges of opening a new channel to market, including warehousing fulfil- ment, payment and delivery. Our knowledge and third party suppliers minimise the risks and costs of opening a new revenue-generating sales chan- nel. We offer customized solutions for each and every customer.

Warehousing and Distribution Service

Whether your goods are distributed regionally, we can help you store them conveniently and move them to where you need them to be, quickly and cost effec- tively.

Cash on Delivery Service

This is a kind of payment service for those who wish to sell or buy commodities online, by telephone and by catalogue. Our company, the Royal Express, will take care of the complete process of sending the commodities and collecting the payment.

Pouch Service

If you regularly move mail between Head Office and branches, our Pouch Service will help you improve efficiency and cut costs.

Branch Direct Service

If you regularly move items around your organisation, we can save you time and money. Branch Direct is a contract-only service that provides a daily sched- uled collection and delivery service of internal items to and from an agreed set of locations.